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10 best ski resorts in Austria


If you’re looking for a combo of epic skiing, authentic Austrian ski village charm and drop-dead gorgeous scenery, Skiwelt Hopfgarten is the place to be. The high altitude gives you the best panoramic views in the area (Insta heaven) and Hopfgarten has the perfect range of slopes for every skill level. The larger Skiwelt resort that contains Hopfgarten is one of the Largest ski areas and best ski resorts in the world, and Hopfy is the sunniest of the slopes in the region! (so go get yourself one of them Kardashian ski goggle tans).

One of the best parts of Hopfgarten is just how convenient and compact everything is, so you can easily navigate between the slopes, après and town (even after a beer or two) without wasting precious time…and we don’t have time to waste. At the foot of the ski hill, you’ll find the most adorable ski village you’ll want to pick up and stick it in your pocket, as well as Contiki’s legendary and newly renovated Chalet Schöneck that’s perfectly decked out with everything you need to live your best life in Austria. You can enjoy the Chalet as part of our skiing trips or book accommodation only. Fancy.

Hopfy is definitely a skiing haven, but it’s managed to maintain its quaint and local charm, which makes it the perfect choice for winter lovers. It also offers beaut snow conditions, some huge slopes, over 180 pistes for beginner skiers, intimidate skiers and intense runs for the more adventurous skiers as well.

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